Timeline GIF

Timeline GIF animations are great for showcasing a series of stages or items that flow through each out. For example, a corporate timeline GIF could represent the sales milestones a company has reached over a duration of time.  These timeline flowcharts can also showcase how different subjects correlate with each other. 

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Timeline GIF Animation

Animate Your Data

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Timeline Animations

There do not need to be many stages/steps within your flowchart infograph. For example, the loading animation below is considered a type of timeline animation, referring to the correlation between point A (zero percent) and point B (100 percent loaded). 

GIF Loading Bar Animation

Custom Timelines

Icons, shapes and colors are three of the main elements to consider when creating your animated timeline. The example at the top of this page consists of four stages and a just a few different colors. There’s no need to go overboard with the complexities of your animations as these are typically embedded within a powerpoint presentation or landing page. 

One thing I would when going about creating a custom timeline GIF is how many stages you’ll need. Unless you’re doing a video infographic animation I would keep the number of timeline events or steps somewhere between 4-6. GIFs have a duration of about 10-15 seconds before they will need to repeat (otherwise the files sizes become too large and embedding them can be limited). 

These types of GIF animations are perfect for presentations where you can set them and have them loop seamlessly. Other factors to consider when creating a timeline GIF are:

  • Color Considerations
  • Presentation Dimensions
  • Total Duration
  • Seamless Loop
  • Presentation & Web Ready
  • Number of Stages

Need Something Similar?

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