Pie Chart GIF

Shown here is an animated pie chart animation. Popular formats include GIF, video and SVG animations. Browse more examples of Pie Chart animations below.

Pie Chart GIF Animation

Animate Your Data

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Animated Loading Animation

Here’s another example of a dynamic pie graph. While the GIF example above might be more in the realm of conceptual, this video graph was based off an image of a graph that I received (I believe they had used Excel to generate the graph). 

In the video example attached, the layers filter in together before the data labels (headlines) are animated in. 

Percentage counters for each of the label help to differentiate the segmented layers. 

Elements of Pie Charts

Pie charts are also know as ‘donut charts.’ This is due to their round shape. These GIFs and videos can easily be embedded into a presentation, the web, or social media accounts to highlight a company’s stats and messaging. 

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