Line Graph Animation

Shown here is an animated line graph chart that changes shape every few seconds. This particular dynamic line animation is created in GIF format, below is an HD video format line chart. 

Animated Line Chart GIF

Animate Your Data

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HD Video Format Line Chart

Here’s a video animation of a chart that I recently created (don’t ask me what it’s about, I have no idea). This line graph animation was based off a screenshot that I received to be created for a presentation. 

Elements of This Graph

This line animation example above was created using Adobe After Effects. The brief/requirements of the company in need here was to create a line graph that utilizes a build up over a short period of time. Rather than having the dark blue line fade in all at once, it appears as a timeline animation might and grows over the horizontal axis. 

  • HD Video
  • Dimensions 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Utilizes Corporate Brand Guide
  • Features Dynamic Fill Section (lighter blue)

Need Your Graph or Chart Animated?

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