Animated Google Analytics Reports

Have a Google report or dashboard that needs to be enhanced? Browse below at what some Google charts and metrics look like when animated. Animated reports can be customized and white labelled to pass along to clients. 

Submit your chart below and I’d be glad to get started on a mockup. Choose between GIF and video formats. 

1. Best Reports For Google Analytics

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in one of two camps. The first being a DIY-er looking to spruce up your data for your own promotion. 

The second camp would be using these Google analytics reports to pass along to your clients, in order to visualize their metrics over time. If you need instruction on learning how to better read your Google Analytics reports, I might recommend this lead tracking post.

GA Acquisition Report Template GIF

(This is a looping GIF animation based on the web acquisition report within Google Analytics. Colors, size and speed can all be changed to match your data. The easiest way to get started is by taking a screenshot of your graph and sending it along, I’ll take care of the rest)

2. Dynamic Google Analytics Dashboard

Just like in Google Analytics,  video dashboards can be created based on your reporting data. Let’s say you want to include some traffic analytics from both Google Analytics and Google Ads (perhaps even throw in a Search Console graph as well). Easy! Below is just an example of an animated dashboard to give you some ideas to start, graphs are more conceptual but can be replaced with your exact charts and metrics.

3. SEO Report Templates

Shown here is a GIF animation of an SEO report. The great part about these types of animations is that they can be embedded into a presentation (PPT or other software) or standalone email attachments. The animation here compares keyword rankings over time vs. clicks. 

These animated charts can include as much, or little, data that you’d like. However, if you are thinking about making them more intricate, a video animation might better fit your needs. 

Google Analytics Report GIF

What else could you use these for?

 If you’re in the SEO realm, one of the more popular graphs generated (that clients request) is a competitor analysis report. If you’re using SEO software, such as SEMRush, AHrefs or another keyword research tool you can generate reports with.

SEO website analysis reporting can also be used to created reporting templates for:

  • Email Campaign Tracking
  • Conversion Completion
  • Search Query Report
  • Monthly Reports
  • On Page SEO
  • Keyword Position Rank
  • Adword Reporting
  • YouTube Analysis

4. Google Ad Report Templates

If you’re familiar at all with Google Ads, previously Google Adwords, you’ll know there are literally dozens of different reporting features that you can dig around in. The type of reporting animations that you could start with will first and foremost depend on the type of campaign that you are running. These types of paid campaigns can run from display, PPC, views, and classic search campaigns. 

Once you better know what type of campaign you’re running, you can either pass along these visual reports to your clients, after slapping your logo on, or create an animated dashboard for part of a larger presentation. Here are just a few more ideas for reports within Google Ads:

  • Search Query Report
  • Competitive Metrics
  • Total Impressions
  • Ad Types
  • Final Landing Page
  • Device Breakdown
  • Demographics
  • User Location
  • Phone Calls

5. Google Search Console Templates

Google Search Console is typically integrated into Google Analytics reporting features. While this does take an extra step to hook together, once you’re done with this step the extra metrics and reporting features are abundant. 

Search Console focuses on what queries are being typed into Google for a user to initially find your site. This is different from email campaigns, paid traffic and only focuses on organic traffic. 

  • Exact Queries
  • Click Through Rate
  • Keyword Position
  • Total Impressions

6. Animate Yours

Have a graph or chart that needs animation? Get in touch using the form below and I’d be glad to learn more and start a mockup while we’re working through your project.

Feel free to include a screenshot of your graph so that I can get started on the proper dimensions and colors. 

Questions or Projects?

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